( Sing: Mario Merola )
( Authors: L. Bovio - F. Albano - 1929 )

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  • Zappatore - Mario Merola

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Felicissima sera,
a tutte sti signure 'ncruvattate
e a chesta cummitiva accussí allèra
d'uommene scicche e femmene pittate.

Chesta è na festa 'e ballo,
tutte cu 'e fracchesciasse sti signure,
e i', ca so' sciso 'a copp''o sciaraballo,
senza cerca' 'o permesso, abballo i' pure.

Chi so'?
Che ve ne 'mporta!
Aggio araputa 'a porta
e so' trasuto ccá.

Musica, musicante,
fatevi mórto onore.
Stasera, 'mmiez'a st'uommene aligante,
abballa un contadino zappatore.

No, signore avvocato,
sentite a me, nun ve mettite scuorno,
io, pe' ve fá signore, aggio zappato
e sto' zappanno ancora, notte e ghiuorno!

E so' duje anne, duje,
ca nun scrive nu rigo â casa mia,
Vossignuría se mette scuorno 'e nuje,
pur'i' mme metto scuorno 'e 'ossignuría"

Chi só'?
Dillo a 'sta gente
ca i' songo nu parente
ca nun 'o può caccia'.

Musica, musicante,
è bella ll'allería.
I' mo ve cerco scusa a tuttuquante
si abballo e chiagno dint''a casa mia.

Mamma toja, mamma toja se ne more,
'o ssaje ca mamma toja more e te chiamma?
Meglio si te 'mparave zappatore,
ca 'o zappatore nun s''a scorda 'a mamma.

Te chiamma ancora: "Gioja",
e, arravugliata dint''o scialle niro,
dice: "Mo torna, core 'e mamma soja,
se vene a pigliá ll'ùrdemo suspiro".

Chi só'?
Vuje mme guardate?
Só' 'o pate, i' sóngo 'o pate
e nun mme pò cacciá!

Só' nu fatecatóre
e mangio pane e pane.
Si zappo 'a terra, chesto te fa onore.
Addenócchiate, e vásame sti mmane!


Good Evening,
To all of these men in ties,
And to this happy group of people,
of chic men, and beautiful women.

This is the music and dance
that breaks these men,
and me, that came down to this dance,
Without asking permission, I'm dancing too!

Who am I?
What does it matter to you?
I've opened the door,
and come in.

Music set to music
Having your honour bitten.
Tonight, among these elegant men,
a farm labourer is dancing.

No, MR Lawyer,
Don't put your shame on me,
To make you a man, I've worked.
And I'm still working night and day.

And it's two years,
that you haven't contacted us.
You sir are ashamed of us,
And I am ashamed of you sir!

Who am I?
Tell these people
that I am your relative,
that you cannot force out!

Music set to music
What beautiful happiness!
I now apologise to everyone,
But we dance and cry at my house as well!

Your mother is dying,
Your mother is dying and calling for you.
It's better to learn to be a farmer,
because a farmer doesn't forget his mother.

She is still calling you "joy"
and is dressed in a black scarf,
"yes, his mother's heart will come back,
if he comes to take the last desire."

Who am I?
You are all looking at me!
I'm your father, I am your father,
and you cannot send me away.

I am a hard worker,
and I eat bread.
Working hard, that is what gives you honour.
Kneel and kiss my hands!

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