Voce 'e notte

( Sing: Claudio Villa )
( Authors: E. Nicolardi - E. De Curtis - 1904 )

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  • Voce 'e notte - Claudio Villa

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Si 'sta voce te scéta 'int''a nuttata,
mentre t'astrigne 'o sposo tujo vicino,
statte scetata, si vuó' stá scetata,
ma fa' vedé ca duorme a suonno chino.

Nun ghí vicino ê llastre pe' fá 'a spia,
pecché nun puo' sbagliá, 'sta voce e' 'a mia,
e' 'a stessa voce 'e quanno tutt'e duje,
scurnuse, nce parlávamo cu 'o "vvuje".

Si 'sta voce te canta dint''o core
chello ch'i' nun te cerco e nun te dico,
tutt''o turmiento 'e nu luntano ammore,
tutto ll'ammore 'e nu turmiento antico.

Si te vène na smania 'e vulé bene,
na smania 'e vase córrere p''e vvéne,
nu fuoco ca te brucia comm'a che,
vásate a chillo. Che te 'mporta 'e me!

Si 'sta voce che chiagne 'int''a nuttata
te sceta 'o sposo, nun avé paura,
vide ch'è senza nomme 'a serenata,
dille ca dorme e ca se rassicura.

Dille accussí: "Chi canta 'int'a 'sta via
o sarrá pazzo o more 'e gelusia!
Starrá chiagnenno qualche 'nfamitá.
Canta isso, sulo. Ma che canta a fá?!"


If this voice wakes you up at night,
while you're holding your husband close...
Stay awake, if you want to be awake,
but pretend to be fast asleep...

Don't go to the window to take a peek,
'cause you can't mistake it: this voice is mine...
It's the same voice from when both of us
tentatively, addressed each other as "You".

If this voice sings to your heart
what I never sought from you or told you,
all the torment of a lost love,
all the love of a past torment...

If you feel a great desire to love,
a craving for kisses runs through your veins,
a fire that consumes...
kiss that guy.. what do you care about me?

If this voice crying in the night,
wakes your husband, don't be afraid...
See, this serenade mentions no name
Tell him to sleep and reassure himself...

Tell him this: "The one singing in the street
is either crazy or dying of jealousy!
Perhaps he cries about some infamy...
He sings alone...But, what is he doing it for?"

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