Vaghissima sembianza

( Sing: The tenor Enrico Caruso )
( Author: Stefano Donaudy - 1918 )

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  • Vaghissima sembianza - Enrico Caruso

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Vaghissima sembianza
d'antica donna amata,
chi, dunque, v'ha ritratta
con tanta simiglianza
ch'io guardo, e parlo,
e credo d'avervi
a me davanti
come ai bei d d'amor?

La cara rimembranza
che in cor mi s' destata
s ardente, v'ha gi fatta
rinascer la speranza
che un bacio, un voto,
un grido d'amore,
pi non chiedo che a lei
che muta ognor.

Non chiedo,
non chiedo che a lei,
che a lei,
che muta ognor!


Very vague semblance
Of my formerly loved woman,
Who, then, has portrayed you
With such a likeness
That I gaze, and speak,
And believe to have you
Before me as
In the beautiful days of love?

The cherished memory
Which in my heart has been
Awakened so ardently
Has already revived hope there,
So that a kiss, a vow,
A cry of love
I no longer ask except of her
Who is forever silent.

I do not ask,
I do not ask except of her
Except of her
Who is forever silent.

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