Santa Lucia Luntana

( Sing: Claudio Villa )
( Author: E. A. Mario - 1919 )

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  • Santa Lucia Luntana - Claudio Villa

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Partono 'e bastimente
pe' terre assaje luntane...
cántano a buordo:
só' Napulitane!
Cantano pe' tramente
'o golfo giá scumpare,
e 'a luna, 'a miez'ô mare,
nu poco 'e Napule
lle fa vedé...

Santa Lucia!
Luntano 'a te,
quanta malincunia!
Se gira 'o munno sano,
se va a cercá furtuna...
ma, quanno sponta 'a luna,
luntano 'a Napule
nun se pò stá!

Santa Lucia, tu tiene
sulo nu poco 'e mare...
ma, cchiù luntana staje,
cchiù bella pare...
E' 'o canto d''e Ssirene
ca tesse ancora 'e rrezze!
Core nun vò' ricchezze:
si è nato a Napule,
ce vò' murí!

Quanta malincunia!


The ships are leaving
For far away lands...
Sing on board:
Are Neapolitans!
They sing while in the sunset
the bay disappears
and the moon, above the sea
lets them see
a glimpse of Naples.

Santa Lucia!
Far away from you
what melancholy!
We circle the whole world,
we go to seek our fortunes...
but when the moon rises,
far away from Naples
you cannot stay away!

Santa Lucia, you have
just a little sea ...
but more you are distant,
more beautiful you seem...
It is the song of the Sirens
who still weaves networks!
The heart doesn't want wealths:
if was born in Naples,
there wants to die!

How much melancholy!

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