Piccola Katy

( Singing: I Pooh )
( Authors: Pantros - Selmoco - 1968 )

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  • Piccola Katy - I Pooh

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Oh, oh, piccola Katy.
Oh, oh, piccola Katy.
Oh, oh, oh!

Piccola Katy, stanotte hai bruciato
tutti i ricordi del tuo passato,
tutte la bambole con cui dormivi
ed il tuo diario che sempre riempivi
solo con ciò che faceva piacere
a chi di notte l’andava a vedere.

Piccola Katy, oh, oh!
Piccola Katy, oh, oh, oh!

Piccola Katy, stanotte hai capito
che, carezzandoti, ti hanno tradito
e alle tue mani han negato calore
che si conquista in un’ora d’amore
e in questo mattino di grigia foschia
di colpo hai deciso di andartene via.

Piccola Katy, vai, vai!
Piccola Katy, vai, vai, vai!


Oh oh little Katy
Oh oh little Katy
Oh oh oh!

Little Katy tonight you burned
all the memories of your past,
all the dolls you were sleeping with
and your diary that you always filled
only with what that was liked
to whom went to see it at night.

Little Katy oh oh!
Little Katy oh oh oh!

Little Katy, tonight you realized
that with caresses they betrayed you
and to your hands denied the warmth
that can be won in an hour of love
and on this gray misty morning
suddenly you decided to go away.

Little Katy, go, go!
Little Katy, go, go, go!

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