I' m'arricordo 'e Napule

( Sing: The tenor Giuseppe di Stefano )
( Authors: P. L. Esposito - G. Gioè - 1920 )

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  • I' m'arricordo 'e Napule - Giuseppe di Stefano

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I' m'arricordo 'e Napule 'e matina,
quando schiarava juorno a ppoco, a ppoco,
'nu ventariello doce e 'n'aria fina,
spuntava 'o sole 'ncielo comme foco.

'A tutte 'e fronne cantevam aucielle
e salutava a tutt''e nenne belle,
e 'a 'nu guaglione 'm manech''e cammisa
senteva chesta voce 'e paraviso:

Rose, rose de maggio,
rose pe''nnammurate,
cu 'st'aria 'nbarzamata
vuje dint''o lietto state?

I' m'arricordo 'e Napule 'e cuntrore,
'o sole ca cuceva 'e sentimente,
'na coppia 'e nnammurate a 'na cert'ora
se deva a Margellina appuntamento.

E lu Vesuvio visto da luntano,
'o mare ca sbatteva chiano, chiano,
mentre de' scoglie respirav' addore,
senteva 'n'ata voce 'e cantatore:

I' tengo 'a nnammurata ch'è bella,
e sto geloso,
e tengo 'e persiane
apposta pe' dischiude.

I' m'arricordo 'e Napule 'e nuttata,
ncopp''a ll' onne, Pusilleco addurmeva,
e po' menava 'n'aria profumata,
comm' a ll'argiento 'a luna le spanneva.

E quanno 'e chillo cielo m'arricordo,
me vene all'uocchie 'e lagreme 'nu velo,
pare ca veco 'e stelle na curona
e sento ancora l'eco 'e 'sta canzona:

Oj varca lenta e stracqua,
i' penzo 'a nenna mia,
c''a voglio bene ancora,
e moro 'e gelusia.


I recall Naples in morning
When only just the day was beginning,
The light breeze and the clear air,
The sun was rising in the sky like a fire.

On all the branches the birds sang
And greeted all the beautiful girls
And one guy in a shirt
Sang by the voice of paradise:

"Roses, roses of May,
Roses for the lovers,
With this enchanting air
Do you still sleep?"

I recall Naples in afternoon,
The sun that burned the feelings,
A pair of lovers, that at a certain time,
Went for meeting in Mergellina*.

And the Vesuvius seen by long distance,
The sea that was swashing quietly
While from the rocks you breathed its odour
A voice of another singer was heard:

"I have the beloved who is beautiful
And I'm jealous
And I have the shutters
In order to hide her".

I recall Naples at night,
Above the waves Posillipo* slept
And then the caressing wind took you away,
Like on a silver carpet that the moon spread.

And when I recollect that sky
From my eyes the tears are falling,
It seems as if I see a crown of stars
And I listen to the echo of this song:

Oh, slow and tired boat,
I think of my beloved,
I still love her
And I'm dying from jealousy.

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