( Sing: Roberto Murolo )
( Authors: Bovio - Falvo - 1914 )

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  • Guapparia - Roberto Murolo

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Scetáteve, guagliune 'e malavita
ca è 'ntussecosa è assaje 'sta serenata,
io sóngo 'o 'nnammurato 'e Margarita
ch'è 'a femmena cchiù bella d''a 'Nfrascata!

Ll'aggio purtato 'o capo cuncertino,
p''o sfizio 'e mme fá sèntere 'e cantá.
Mm'aggio bevuto nu bicchiere 'e vino
pecché, stanotte, 'a voglio 'ntussecá.

Scetáteve guagliune 'e malavita!

E 'a luna è accumparuta a ll'intrasatto,
pe' lle dá 'o sfizio 'e mme vedé distrutto.
Pe' chello che 'sta fémmena mm'ha fatto,
vurría ch''a luna se vestesse 'e lutto!

Quanno se ne venette â parta mia,
ero 'o cchiù guappo 'e vascio â Sanitá.
Mo, ch'aggio perzo tutt' 'a guapparía,
cacciatemmenne 'a dint' 'a suggitá!

Scetáteve guagliune 'e malavita!

Sunate, giuvinò, vuttàte 'e mmane,
nun v'abbelite, ca stó' buono 'e voce!
I' mme fido 'e cantá fino a dimane
e metto 'ncroce a'ha miso 'ncroce.

Pecché nun va cchiù a tiempo 'o mandulino?
Pecché 'a chitarra nun se fa sentí?
Ma comme? Chiagne tutt' 'o cuncertino,
addó' ch'avess''a chiagnere sul' i'.

Chiágnono sti guagliune 'e malavita!


Wake up, guys of the gang,
Because this serenade is so poisoned!
I'm in love with Marguerite
Who is the most beautiful woman of Arenella!*

I've brought her the small orchestra
To entertain her by singing.
I've drunk a glass of wine,
Because tonight I want to make her angry.

Wake up, guys of the gang!

Suddenly the moon has appeared
To give her the joy to see my humiliation.
For what this woman has done to me
I would like the moon to become dark!

When she met me
I was the leader of a gang in Sanità.*
Now I've lost my power,
Chase me away from this gang!

Wake up, guys of the gang!

Play, guys, hurry!
Don't let me down, because I'm in good voice!
I want to sing for her until tomorrow
And I make her suffer like she has done with me.

Why do the mandolin get out of time?
Why do the guitar stop playing?
But how? The whole orchestra cries
While it's only me who must cry.

The guys of the gang are crying!

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