Fenesta ca lucive

( Sing: Roberto Murolo )
( Authors: G. Genoino - A. Longo - M. Paolella - 1842 )

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  • Fenesta ca lucive - Roberto Murolo

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Fenesta ca lucive e mo nun luce,
sign'è ca Nénna mia stace malata.
S'affaccia la surella e mme lu dice:
"Nennélla toja è morta e s'è atterrata".

Chiagneva sempe ca durmeva sola,
mo dorme co' li muorte accompagnata.
Mo dorme co' li muorte accompagnata!

Addio fenesta, rèstate 'nzerrata,
ca Nénna mia mo nun se pò affacciare.
Io cchiù nun passarraggio da' 'sta strata,
vaco a lo camposanto a passíare.

Zi' parrocchiano mio, tiene 'nce cura,
na lampa sempe tienece allummata.
Na lampa sempe tienece allummata!


Window that was shining and now doesn't shine,
It means that my beloved is ill.
Her sister looks out and tells me:
"Your beloved is dead and buried.

She always cried because slept alone,
Now she's sleeping in company of the deads".
Now she's sleeping in company of the deads".

Goodbye, window, stay closed,
Because my beloved can't look out more.
I don't pass along this street anymore.
I go to the cemetery.

My uncle priest, take care of her:
Keep always up the fire of her lamp.
Keep always up the fire of her lamp!

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