Er barcarolo romano

( Sing: Lando Fiorini )
( Authors: P. Pizzicaria - R. Balzani - 1926 )

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  • Er barcarolo romano - Lando Fiorini

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Quanta pena stasera
c' sur fiume che fiotta cos,
disgrazziato chi sogna e chi spera,
tutti ar monno dovemo soffr',
ma si n'anima cerca la pace,
pu trovalla sortanto che qu.

Er barcarolo va contro corente
e quanno canta, l'eco s'arisente.
Si vero, fiume, che tu dai la pace,
fiume affatato, nun me la nega'.

Pi d'un mese passato
che na sera je dissi a Nine'
"Quest'amore ormai tramontato",
lei rispose "Lo vedo da me".
Sospir, poi me disse "Addio amore,
io per nun me scordo de te".

E da quel giorno che l'abbandonai,
la cerco ancora e nun la trovo mai.
Si vero, fiume, che tu dai la pace,
me so' pentito, fammela trova'.

Proprio incontro ar battello
vedo n'ombra sull'acqua, pi 'n qu,
s'ariggira, ed un mulinello,
poi v sotto e riaffiora pi in l.
Fate presto, na donna affogata!
Poveraccia, penava, chiss!

La luna, da lass, f capoccella,
rischiara er viso de Ninetta bella.
Me chiese pace e io je l'ho negata,
fiume, perch me l'hai rubata tu!

Me vojo sperde su o gi pe' fiume,
cos, chiss me more assieme a te!


How much pain tonight
there is on river that rises
unfortunate who suffers and who hopes
all on the world we have to suffer
but if a soul seeks peace
can find it only here.

The boatsman goes upstream
and when he sings the echo is heard
he says if it is true that you give peace
You can find it only here.

Over a month has passed
since I said that one evening to her Nin,
"This love has gone now "
she said "I see by myself".
she sighed, then said "Goodbye love
I, however, will not forget you."

And from the day I left her
I'm still looking for her and never find her
if it is true, o river, that you give peace
I am sorry, let me find her.

Just coming to the boat
I see a shadow on the water, it comes here
it turns and then reels
then comes up and again further.
Move the rows, it's a drowned woman!
she was in pain poor thing, who knows!

The moon from above comes out
and lightens the face of beautiful Ninetta.
She asked me peace and I denied her!
you cursed river you gave it to her!

I want to lose myself up and down the river,
well, maybe I die with you!

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