Canta pe' mme

( Sing: il Tenore Enrico Caruso )
( Authors: L. Bovio - E. De Curtis - 1938 )

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  • Canta pe' mme - Enrico Caruso

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Canta pe' mme, stanotte, na canzone,
tu ca si' bella e tiene 'a voce d'oro.
Canta pe' mme, stanotte, pecchè si moro,
moro sentenno na bella canzone.

Canta na serenata 'e marenare
ch''a tantu tiempo nun se canta cchiù.
Mare! Stanotte, quanta varche a mare!
Ma tu nun cante? Ma a che pienze tu?

Pecché tu chiagne si 'a nuttata è bella,
e si' figliola, e tiene 'a voce d'oro?
Canta pe' mme, pe' mme ca' mme ne moro,
moro sentenno na canzone bella.

Canta, luntana mia, ca' si' turnata,
ca' si' turnata e nun te ne puó' ghí.
Canta, pecché te tengo 'ncatenata,
pecché tu sola mm'hê 'a vedé murí!


Sing a song for me tonight,
You are so fine and your voice is golden!
Sing it for me tonight and if I die,
I die listening to a beautiful song!

Sing a serenade of sailors
That for a long time nobody has sung anymore!
Sea! How many boats at the sea tonight!
But you don't sing? What are you thinking about?

Why do you cry if the night is beautiful?
And you are young and have a golden voice?
Sing for me, for me to make me die,
To die listening to a beautiful song!

Sing, my distant, that you've come back,
That you've come back and can't go away!
Sing because I keep you chained,
Because only you will see me to die!

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