Brucia la terra

( Sing: Franc d'Ambrosio )
( Authors: N. Rota - G. Rinaldi - 1974 )
( Original theme by Anthony of Padrino III )

  • Brucia la terra - Franc d'Ambrosio

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Brucia la luna n'cielu
e ju bruciu d'amuri.
Focu ca si consuma
comu lu me cori.

L'anima chianci,
non si da paci.
Ma cchi mala nuttata!

Lu tempu passa
ma non agghiorna.
Non c'e mai suli
s'idda non torna.

Brucia la terra mia
e abbrucia lu me cori.
Cchi siti d'acqua idda
e ju siti d'amuri.

Acu la cantu
la me canzuni
si no c'e nuddu
ca se affacia a lu barcuni.

Brucia la luna n'cielu
e ju bruciu d'amuri....


The moon is burning in the sky
And I am burning with love
The fire that is consumed
Like my heart

My soul cries
I’m not at peace
What a terrible night

The time passes
But there is no dawn
There is no sunshine
If she doesn’t return

My earth is burning
And my heart is burning
What she thirsts for water
And I thirst for love

Who will I sing
My song to
If there is no one
Who shows herself on the balcony

The moon is burning in the sky
And I am burning with love....

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