( Sing: Sergio Bruni )
( Authors: A. Pugliese - M. Ruccione - 1959 )

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  • Accussì - Sergio Bruni

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Accussí, accussí,
si' turnata n'ata vota 'nnammurata, 'mbracci'a me.
Sti viuline, a Margellina,
mo suspirano pe' te, 'nziem'a me.

T'accarezzo comme fusse tu na mamma,
doce, doce comme fusse na Madonna,
na Madonna,
tu pe' me.

Accussí, accussí,
nun parlá, nun dirme niente ca stu core vò' sentí
sulo 'o mare, sulo 'o viento abbracciato 'nziem'a te.
Accussí, accussí!

'O mare e 'o viento chiagneno, stanotte,
dint'a stu golfo.
Ricorde e ombre tornano, stanotte,
dint'a stu core.

Ah, quanto pagarría nu poco 'e suonno,
nu poco 'e suonno ca parla de te.
E 'o suonno vene e mme trascina 'nfunno,
comm'a na varca a mare, senza rimme.

Sulo 'o mare, sulo 'o viento
abbracciato 'nziem'a te.


Like this, like this,
you returned again passionate in my arms.
These violins, Mergellina,
now sigh for you, together with me.

I caress you as you were a mother,
sweetly, as it went an Our Lady,
an Our Lady,
you for me.

Like this, like this,
don't speak, don't tell me anything because this heart wants to hear
only the sea, only the wind, hugged with you.
Like this, like this!

The sea and the wind regret this night,
in this golf.
Memories and shadows return this night,
in this heart.

Ah, as would pay for some sleep,
some sleep that speaks to me about you.
And the sleep comes and it drags me for the bottom, as a boat in the sea without oars.

Only the sea, only the wind,
hugged with you.
Like this!
Like this!

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